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All songs copyright 2002, and published by Say No More Music (BMI) and Maya Productions (ASCAP) except where otherwise noted.

  Song List
1.  Till We Meet Again (1st verse)
2.  History Of Dreams
3.  Sam's Back With Sadie Again
4.  Don't Turn Away
5.  City Of Blue Stories
6.  East Of Eden
7.  Eden Reel
8.  Empathetic Woman
9.  Letter In The Rain
10. Till We Meet Again (2nd verse)
11. The Last to Know
12. Loner
13. Guess I'll Go Back Home This Summer
14. Rock City Road
15. That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
16. Turning It Over To

Till We Meet Again (1st verse)
By Raymond B. Egan & Richard A. Whiting
© copyright 1918 published by Remick Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Smile the while I kiss you sad adieu
When the clouds roll by, I'll come to you
Then the skies will seem more blue
Down in lover's land, my dearie

History Of Dreams
I've got a story
Just like everyone
I could tell you my name
I could tell you where I'm from
I could tell you bout the good
And tell you bout the bad
I could tell you 'bout my mom
And how much we miss my dad

I could make it come alive
Give it drama, give it style
It's a roller coaster ride
It's a fiery trial
But when the tale's all told
Only passing memories
I've been playing out my role
In a history of dreams
A history of dreams

And when this life is through
When my journey's done
I'll say goodnight, moon
Goodbye, glorious sun
Don't know where I'll go
Don't know who I'll be
I'll have a different name
I'll dream a different dream

And I'll sigh when I lose
And I'll smile when I win
And I'll cry when I think
Of what might have been
What beautiful fools
We're angels without wings
In a mystery parade
Enchanting charade
A history of dreams
Infinitely real
A history of dreams
No matter how I feel
No matter what I meen
Life is not what it seems
Cause in the end
It's a history of dreams
A history of dreams
A history of dreams

Sam's Back With Sadie Again
Hey Mary, did you hear the news?
Somethin you will not believe
Ran over here as soon as I found out
I left the kids with Steve
Phone rang, it was Gracie Moore
She called about a quarter to ten
Gracie oughta know, she lives right next door
She says Sam is back with Sadie again

After everything that they've been through
All that trouble with his crazy ex-wife
But some girls gotta drive dangerously
God bless her, Mary, it's her life
Oh me, I've been feelin a little run-down
What a never-ending winter this has been
Thought knew you'd wanna know before it got all over town
How Sam is back with Sadie again

Spring better come pretty darn soon
I can't get the kids out of my hair
They stay inside, the house is a mess
And it seems like years since we've gone anywhere

While the two of them are carrying on
Sadie's son, he's been running wild
Late last night he got arrested again
Hey, it's never been right with that child
Now I'm on my way to the IGA
What a bone-chilling winter this has been
Call you later on if I hear any more
Imagine, Sam is back with Sadie again

This grey kinda day makes me wanna cry
Branches like knives,  overcast sky
Lotto hit twenty million again
Tell me, what are the odds of m
y number comin in?

Don't Turn Away
Time's been running out for you on the hands that move your heart
And all that once began comes to an end
I'm not trying to tell you I can give back all you lost
I only want to help you love again


Don't turn away, there's nothing there
I'll keep you safe, I'll make you care
Why don't you stay, I need you here
Don't turn away

When daylight breaks the nightime spell, there comes another dawn
Color slowly opens up the sky
All the voices in the dark have kept you silent far too long
But you can make them stop if you try


Don't turn away
They're only shadows dressed in grey
They're only standing in the way
They're only blinding you from seeing what is yours today


City Of Blue Stories
He looks pretty good for his age
Looks pretty good for this time of the morning
He saw that sly-eyed girl checkin him out in her trench coat
little miss agent incognito
This bar-tending job is only a phase
He's been sayin that so long it's like he's taking inventory
But you know, you've got to believe in yourself or nobody else will
And in his heart, he knows he's the next DeNiro

C:  In the city of blue stories
    In the city of blue stories
    In the city of blue stories
    It's a new morning

He reminds her of someone she's seen
Could be that guy -- what's his name? -- she's seen him in the movies
She asks him for a beer and he gives her this sneer that makes her
think of Elvis Presley
Or, it could be Jimmy Dean
But her vision's gettin blurry and she's feeling kinda woozy
She says, "What time you get off work?"
He says, "You talkin to me?"
She says, "Yeah, baby, I can tell that you're not boring"


Now if we were in Hollywood
Our heroes would be heading for a little
R-rated satisfaction
But this ain't no lights, camera, action
This is Manhattan

So they go down to an all-night diner on Tenth Avenue
Sit there drinkin coffee with the drag queens and the prostitutes
And he tells her about the time he played a cop on an episode of Cheers
And she tells him how secretly she's been taking tap classes for years
And how she's practically in show biz anyway, cause she's workin
Midtown for this entertainment lawyer
And the sun rises over the East River in a haze of faded glory


East Of Eden
I'm the first born son of a good family
Why wouldn't God would smile upon me?
I come from a land of paradise
Now I'm living in a world of fire and ice
East of Eden
East of Eden
Now I'm living in a world of fire and ice
East of Eden

I was my daddy's pride and joy
Till along came another boy
Baby brother, innocent lamb
Baby brother is the reason I'm damned

East of Eden
East of Eden
My brother is the reason they sent me here
East of Eden

   I was the first, why couldn't he see?
   He stole my father's love from me
   I couldn't let my brother steal from me

So I went downtown, bought me a gun
Shot that thief in the noonday sun
They sent me away to a lonely place
To live the rest of my days in disgrace
East of Eden
East of Eden
I will spend the rest of my days in disgrace
East of Eden

They called it murder in the first degree
There's no room at home for a killer like me
I was wrong to spill my own brother's blood
But all I ever wanted was my father's love
My daddy's love

I'm the first born son of a good family
A righteous life was waiting for me
Born in a land of paradise
Condemned to a world of fire and ice
East of Eden
East of Eden
Damned to a world of fire and ice
East of Eden

Eden Reel

Empathetic Woman
Don't tell me how it's hard to be a woman
As a man, I got problems every day
Folks treat me like a beggar from the minute I get up
Except when it comes time to pay

And I'm the one responsible if anything goes wrong
And I never get the the credit if a thing turns out okay
They ignore me when I'm weak, they hate me if I'm strong
Till I'm praying I can make it through the day


I stumble home at night like the loser of a fight
But an empathetic woman could set the whole day right
An empathetic woman to be there and understand
I've been hungry so long for an empathetic woman

I ain't no saint, I'm willing to admit it
Even my own brothers think I'm strange
Don't take me long to drive a normal woman to her limit
And I've been this way too long to change

I got the kind of attitude that makes a bad time worse
When I steal a moment's pleasure, I feel guilty as a thief
If you met my folks you'd know that I'm a victim of a curse
It's no wonder I'm out chasing sweet relief


Letter In The Rain
Somethin bout a moonlit ride
Somewhere by the riverside
Somethin bout a storm in March
How the wind tore up the porch

Sometime round the end of June
When the music stopped too soon
In a chill November breeze
Someone waits, while leaves fall from the trees


We filled a thousand pages
Just one or two remain
And the words run together
Like a letter someone left out in the rain

Somethin bout another girl
Somewhere from another world
Down beside the frozen lake
Some poor heart about to break

Somethin sweet we thought would grow
Buried underneath the snow
Where does love decide to go?
Only liars and fools believe they know


All the hope in the air
All the promises there
All the memories we share


Till We Meet Again (2nd verse)
By Raymond B. Egan & Richard A. Whiting
© copyright 1918 published by Remick Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Wedding bells will ring so merrily
Every tear will be a memory
So wait and pray each night for me
Till we meet again

The Last to Know
The newlyweds came to the Capitol by train
Franklin found a companion for his shy, awkward wife
Lucy was pretty as Eleanor was plain
She knew all the right people in Washington life

She bought Eleanor's clothes, made over her hair
Chose emerald stones to highlight her ears
Soon Lucy and Franklin began their affair
An affair that would last for 29 years

Eleanor, Eleanor
America cheers wherever you go
First in our hearts, First Lady of the land
You were the last to know
You were the last to know

Two friends sat by the fire and sewed
Socks for our boys off fighting the war
When Eleanor dozed, Lucy ran through the snow
To mail her love notes to FDR

The Cabinet, the press corps, the White House team
None of them told what most of them knew
They kept his dark secret, they proved their esteem
For the President, and the First Lady, too

Eleanor, Eleanor
Crusading for rights on the radio
First in our hearts, First Lady of the land
You were the last to know
You were the last to know

At Yalta, three leaders divided the world
The one in the wheelchair was pining for home
No, not for his wife, he loved another girl
"Operator, get me Lucy Mercer on the phone"

When Eleanor heard Franklin might die
She rushed down to Warm Springs from Washington
Only to learn, when her night train arrived
That Franklin had died in Lucy's arms

Eleanor, Eleanor
Where does love come from? Where does love go?
First in our hearts, First Lady of the land
You were the last to know

Eleanor, Eleanor
Smile for the country, on with the show
First in our hearts, First Lady of the land
You were the last to know

Some people seem to know somebody everywhere they go
They got aquaintences in Alaska, amigoes in Mexico
They send out invitations and throw parties in their homes
And when they're not with company, then they're talkin on the phone

But me, I'm a loner
I travel in a pack of one
I'm a loner
I'm  a fugitive on the run

Some people take other people with them even when they drive
The SUV feels empty without that family of five
They congregate in kitchens, or in cool cafes downtown
Telling stories to each other 'bout their friends who aren't around

But me, I'm a loner
I'm the only body's business I know
I'm a loner
My life is a one man show

Cause I like my peace and quiet, I like to hear myself think
Can't do that when there's always someone talkin at me
It's not that I don't like folks, some of them seem okay
It's just that whoever made me, made me this way
I'm a loner

People always joining clubs and hanging out in bars
Gotta know where the action is, where the other people are
There's groups that meet to argue over how to get along
Groups for finding Mr. Right, groups for dumping Mr. Wrong

But me, I'm a loner
I'm on the outside lookin in
I'm a loner
Forgive me, Lord, if itOs a sin

But you made me a loner
A howlin wolf
I'm a loner
Why, why, why why did you make me
Such a loner

Guess I'll Go Back Home This Summer
By Willard Robinson & Ray Mayer
© copyright 1939 published by EMI Seist Catalog (ASCAP)

Guess I'll go back home this summer
Should've gone there long ago
I wonder who I'll meet when I walk down Main Street
Who'll yell the first "hello"
Wonder if they still have dances
Upstairs in the Eagles Hall
Those ball games in the park, and walking home at dark
Oh how I miss them all

After we've talked of everything
Then I'll get a restless spell
I'll walk by the house where he used to live
I hope he married well

Guess I'll go back home this summer
Leave this daily grind behind
There's nothing wrong I'm sure, that goin' home won't cure
I'll find my peace of mind

Guess I'll go back home this summer
What do you intend to do?
I've made my plans to go while fares are down so low
Why don't you go home, too?

Rock City Road
I was firing up my bike
I was riding where I like
And somewhere south on Highway 9
I took a turn and crossed the line
And ended up
Way down

Down so low on Rock City Road
Tale of woe on Rock City Road

I was bragging right out loud
I was playing to the crowd
And I've got to admit it -- I was acting kinda proud
Now here I am
Shot down

Sun don't shine on Rock City Road
No white line on Rock City Road
Twilight time on Rock City Road
Rock City relic on Rock City Road

I'm rollin down
That lonesome road
Wasted days
Nights so cold
Forever young
Grown scared and old
Lookin for an off-ramp
Offa Rock City Road

I'm out of luck
Flat out stuck
Party's over
No one to phone
I need a sign
To lead me home
I need to stop
But I keep on goin
Lord, I keep on goin
Here I go

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
By Carly Simon & Jacob Brackman. © copyright 1970 
published by Quackenbush Music & Maya Productions Ltd. (ASCAP)

My father sits at night with no lights on
His cigarette glows in the dark
The living room is still
I walk by, no remark
I tiptoe past the master bedroom where
My mother reads her magazines
I hear her call "sweet dreams"
But I forget how to dream


But you say it's time we move in together
And raise a family of our own, you and me
Well, thatOs the way I've always heard it should be
You want to marry me
To marry

My friends from college, they're all married now
They have their houses and their lawns
They have their silent noons
Tearful nights, angry dawns
Their children hate them for the things they're not
They hate themselves for what they are
And yet, they drink, they laugh
Close the wound, hide the scar


You say that we can keep our love alive
Babe, all I know is what I see
The couples cling and claw
And drown in love's debris
You say we'll soar like two birds through the clouds
But soon you'll cage me on your shelf
I'll never learn to be
Just me first, by myself


Turning It Over To
Hey God, I got questions
Maybe You got some answers
I've been feeling a little distraught
Tell me, why am I here?
And what should I wear?
And what about Shakespeare -- did he write 'em or not?
After countless revisions of doubtful decisions
I've thrown out my old point of view
All my plans found a way of going astray
So I'm turning it over to You.

I used to be taller
I used to run faster
I used to be tricky and tough
I used to believe the world could be had
If I wanted it badly enough
One day I awoke from that terrible joke
And discovered I hadn't a clue
Now I can't keep on driving this rusty old life
So I'm turning it over to You
Give the wheel to the one who knows where we're going
I'm turning it over to You

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