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  Song List
1.  Walking in the Light
2.  My Father's World
3.  Angel of the Darkest Night
4.  God is Love
5.  Child of God
6.  Give Then Wings to Fly
7.  African Prayer / Come, You Forsaken Ones
8.  Prodigal Child
9.  I and My Father Are One
10. There's Nothing God Can't Do
11. Peter and John
12. Picture of God
13. Touch of the Master's Hand
14. Big Blue Earth
15. Amazing Grace

Walking in the Light
Morning steals away all chance of dark escape
And I come face to face with you
Like a thousand times before, I hear you call
And more than ever, you come through
From a whispered vow
A distant shout
You bring me to my feet

And now I'm walking in the light
I'm walking in the light
Out of a long night
Walking in the light

Warnings cried to me through storms of mystery
But I could never see the harm
Only you could reach me
Only you could teach me
Touch me, hold me in your arms
From a sliver haze
Comes a golden day
You shake me from my sleep


And it feels so right
Like I've always known
It feels like coming home
Through an open door
To a sun drenched shore
Seeing things I've never seen before


Might have spent my life
Groping in the dark
Now it feels like coming home

My Father's World
This is my Father's world
And to my listening ears
All nature sings, all around me rings
The music of the spheres

This is my Father's world
I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
Of wonders he hath wrought

This is my Father's world
He shines in all thatís fair
In the rustling grass, I hear Him pass
He speaks to me everywhere

Angel of the Darkest Night
Angel of the Darkest Night
Angel of the darkest night
How did you find me here?
Just when I had lost the fight
And cried my final tear
I only prayed for peace of mind
You gave me so much more
Angel of the darkest night
You showed me heaven's door

Like a ship tossed on the sea
Far from any land
Her sails torn by fearful storms
And waves to dwarf a man
No chart to plan the journey home
No compass point, no guide
Why must we be so far gone
Before we see the light?

Angel of the darkest night
How did you lead me through despair?
To let me see the sky again
To let me breathe the air

Angel of the darkest night
I never could have known
You were just the answer
I was seeking all along
And though I prayed for peace of mind
You gave me so much more
Angel of the darkest night
You showed me heaven's door
Heaven's door (4x)

God is Love
God is Love
I've never been to heaven
I don't know where it's found
Some say high above the clouds
Some say all around
I've never seen the king of kings
Or stood before his throne
My mind is full of questions
But my heart has always known

God is Love
God is Love
More than this I cannot know
Higher than this I cannot go
God is Love
God is Love
If it's all I ever learn in life
It's all I need to know

I've had my days of pleasure
Of feasting and of friends
But things I used to treasure
Their charm came to an end
When summer has departed
When winter gales descend
I remember where my heart is
I remember once again


May every living thing that breathes
Find comfort from despair
In darkest valleys, storm tossed seas
God is always there
And She is Love
God is Love
More than this we cannot know
Higher than this we cannot go
God is Love
God is Love
If itís all we ever learn in life
It's all we need to know

Child of God
I am worthy (3x)
'Cause I know who I am
I'm the child of God


If anybody asks you now who I am (3x)
You can tell him Iím a child of God
He made me by His power and He made me good (2x)
He loves me every hour, like a father should


He made me in His image, so He made me good (2x)
Heís calling me to glory like a father would
I surely love Him back with all my heart


When I step outside, that's when my troubles rise (2x)
I call upon the Lord to stem the rising tide
And I know my father hears my cries


Give Then Wings to Fly
I do believe that heaven sends angels from above
Sheltering the children God has given me to love
For nothing is as sacred as the caring of their souls
How I long to keep them safe wherever they may go

If I could I'd hide them in the warmth of my embrace
And let their world be filled with only innocence and grace
But if I gave them all the riches underneath the moon
Still my only place of hope is giving them to You

There will be broken dreams that I cannot repair
Silent tears my hands will never dry
Far beyond the reaches of my love I know You will be there
Father, hear their every cry
And give them wings to fly

Looking back I see the hand of God is always near
Angels weave their presence through a tapestry of years
The echoes of my mother's prayers
have now become my plea
Covering my children with the grace that covers me


I have seen the way the world
can toss and turn a tender heart
So I'm trusting You to meet them where they are


African Prayer / Come, You Forsaken Ones
(God's work will never be destroyed)

Come, you forsaken ones, wherever you languish
Here find a tranquil home, here find the truth
Here mend your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish
Earth has no sorrow that Love cannot soothe

Hope to the desolate, strength to the defeated
Light to the wanderer, dazzling and pure
Comforting promises tenderly repeated
Earth has no sorrow that Love cannot cure

Here find a shore of peace, clear flowing waters
Always a welcoming, always a place
Come to the feast of feasts, come, sons and daughters
Earth has no sorrow that love cannot erase

Prodigal Child
I am a weary wanderer, I've traveled far and wide
In search of satisfactions I could not find inside
But everywhere I travel, I'm searching in the rain
And every city floods me with emptiness and pain

I left my homeland long ago with pockets full of gold
I squandered my inheritance, I slept out in the cold
Till in my darkest hour, I cried out in despair
Oh, lead me back to my childhood home
Back to my father's care

And if he will not have me, I'll go down on bended knee
And ask my generous father if a servant I could be
Though once I was his cherished one
I fear that in my shame
I am no longer privileged to bear our family name

My father sees me coming from far across the field
He runs to hold me in his arms before I reach his hill
I beg for his forgiveness, I donít deserve his grace
He cries, "I've found you, child of mine"
As tears stream down his face

I am a weary wanderer come home at last to stay
My restless soul has found it's peace
My heart has found it's way
I failed to win the world, but I've gained a greater prize
To know I am a worthy child in my gentle father's eyes

I and My Father Are One
Like a river that runs to the ocean
Like a ray reaching out from the sun
Like the leaf and the vine, the grape and the wine
I and my Father are one

And may each of us claim it as truly
As the man who we heard was His son
And may each of us know in the depths of his soul
I and my Father are one

One in beauty, one in truth
One in the asking, one in the proof
One in time and one in space
One in the goodness that flows from His grace

Though our fears may estrange and divide us
May we seek to dissolve them through love
We are sister and brother, each bound to the other
And one with our Father above

One in purpose, one in power
One in the moment, one with a flower
One in kindness, one in peace
One in the Mind that foresees our release

Like a seedling that grows in the forest
Like the light shining forth from the sun
Like a branch and the tree, a drop and the sea
A hymn and the choir, a flame and the fire
I and my Father are one

There's Nothing God Can't Do
From silence, springs the song
From trials, the heart grows strong
And from the old is born the new
For there's nothing God can't do
Oh there's nothing God can't do

In the sinner, lives a saint
Through the lover, the beast is tamed
For the lost, the light breaks through
Yes there's nothing God can't do
No there's nothing God can't do

He opens wide the prison doors
He calms the raging sea
Reveals the path youíre searching for
The truth that sets you free

There shines the right thru every wrong
Every night erased by dawn
In dens of evil, the good rings through
For there's nothing God can't do
Oh there's nothing God can't do

Peter and John
With eyes to the ground and a held-out palm
Asking for pity, begging for alms
A desolate cripple from his birth
No reason for hope. No sense of worth

Who should he see but Peter and John
At the door of the temple, whereupon
He cried, "Hey, have you got any change to spare?"
Peter stopped him cold with a powerful stare

Now do you believe this story?
I do, with all my mind
What was true that day is true today
I too have been that blind. I too have been that blind

Peter and John came to his side
Peter smiled and said, "Look me in the eye
We don't have a farthing, a dime or a sou
But what we have, we give to you"

They helped him to rise, told him he could stand
"In the name of Jesus, walk like a man"
His ankles grew firm and though he shook
He took the first steps he ever took

Now do you believe this story?
I do, with all my heart
What was true that day is true today
I too will rise and walk. I too will rise and walk

Into the temple marched all three
The beggar beside himself with glee
Dancing and leaping and praising the Lord
While the congregation was completely floored

Now do you believe this story?
I do, with all my soul
What was true that day is true today
I too will be made whole. (3x)

Picture of God
If the world were a picture of God
What would the picture show?
His numberless colors and features and forms
Blessing us more than we know

The mountains portray His towering strength
The sun, His comfort and light
The stars blaze with His permanence
Guiding the sailor at night

-Chorus (The countless designs of His infinite Mind)

The sea announces His majesty
Breezes whisper His tenderest care
Wheatfields sway with His delicate grace
The forest is fragrant and fair

-Chorus (The manifold art of His bounteous heart)

What if our wondrous world were a screen?
Only a trace of a world unseen
Only a hint of our Father revealed
Dazzling beauty, compassionate, real

The animals echo His endless ideas
Each one different and right
The dawn so refreshing, the sunset so calm
The mysterious circle of night

-Chorus (His consummate plan, His masterly hand)

Touch of the Master's Hand
Well it was battered and scarred and the auctioneer felt
It was hardly worth his while
To waste much time on the old violin
But he held it up with a smile
"Well it sure ain't much but it's all we got left
I guess we oughta sell this too
Oh now whoíll start the bid on this old violin
Just one more, and we'll be through"
Then he cried, "One, give me one dollar, who'll make it two?
Only two dollars, who'll make it three?
Three dollars twice, now that's a good price
Now who's gonna bid for me?
Raise up your hand now, don't wait any longer
the auction's about to end
Who's got four, just one dollar more
to bid on this old violin?"

Well the air was hot and the people stood around
As the sun was setting low
At the back of the crowd, a gray-haired man
Came forward and picked up the bow
He wiped the dust from that old violin
And he tightened down the strings
And then he played out a melody pure and sweet
Sweeter than the angels sing
And when the music stopped
And the auctioneer, with a voice that was quiet and low
He said, "Now what will you bid for this old violin?"
And he held it up with the bow

Then he cried "One, give me one thousand,
whoíll make it two?
Only two thousand, who'll make it three?
Three thousand twice, now that's a good price
Now who's gonna bid for me?"
And the people cried out, "What made the change?
We don't understandĒ
Then the auctioneer stopped, and he said with a smile
"You know, there's many a man with his life out of tune
battered and scarred with sin
And he's auctioned cheap to a thankless world
much like that old violin
But then the master comes, and that old foolish crowd
They never understand
The worth of a soul, and the change that is won
just by one touch of the master's hand"

Big Blue Earth
Big blue earth
Deep blue sea
I see you
You see me
Land to land
Place to place
Here we stand
Face to face
I am you
You are me
All one world
One family

See our precious world
How bright it shines
See the light come shining back at me
Let us build a bridge now, over time
Over rivers wide, across the sea


We shall build a bridge so wide and strong
See our children crossing, hand in hand
Hear their happy voices raised in song
For our dream of peace in every land


Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved and set me free
I once was lost but now Iím found
I was blind but now I see
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace my fear relieved
How precious 'tis that grace appeared
The hour I first believed
Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come
'Tis Grace hath brought me safe thus far
And Grace will surely lead me home

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